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About Gunslinger Longboards

Gunslinger Longboards was co-developed in Australia and South Africa. The partnership was formed by an Aussie and a Saffa when the two mates and longboard aficionados decided to build their own skateboard. They designed and shaped a long deck now famously known as the 48-inch Battle Cruiser. The board turned out to be a cracking hit and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since Gunslinger’s inception in 2010, we’ve been delivering the kind of quality products and service that keep our loyal customers keep coming back, year after year. This is a result of continually refining, testing and honing the craft to produce the finest of longboards for you, the customer.

“It’s all about the passion as we’re constantly striving to learn, adapt and innovate with this ever-evolving sport and culture.”

Duncan – Gunslinger Australia